Local Business Listing and Optimization

Due to search engine's ability and preference to give more priority to local website in search of specific key terms which include state, city or region name when searched from a prospective geographic location, local business listing can play a pivotal role for driving more relevant traffic to your website with more possibilities to be converted into real customers.

What Is local Business listing?

A few times when you fire search in search engine with query which include city name, search engine displays different result as shown in the above image, which is called local business listing. For more than 30 % of region specific search queries, search engine prefers to display websites from local business listing in SERP rather than a normal listing as per the its algorithm.

What is the difference from Normal Search Result ?

Different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have their local business directories where one needs to submit their business listing to claim the listing. Google,Yahoo and Bing offers free business listings with a predefined procedure which verifies local business as per specified address.

Local listing shown by search engine differs in a way it gets displayed with different parameter, your business name, local Phone no. & business address with a location pointer of your business location on the map. Clicking on listing may lead users to a detail business listing page or to your website as per your preferred setting specified at the time of registration. It isn't mandatory to have a website to claim your free listing.

Why Search Engine Give More preference to Local Business Listing?

The search engine tries to serve best result as per the search query entered by users and demographic location of any users. In certain cases, displaying local business listing increase the relevancy of search result as per user's demographic location or entered search query, so search engine displays result from local listing in SERP for more user satisfaction.

How to Optimize Your Local Business Listing?

There are a couple of factors work for proper optimization and acquitting top spot within a local business listing. Physical business address, no. Of positive reviews by real users, geographical content on website, signal from other local business directories and signal from social media and other sites for evaluating the relevancy of your business in a specific geographic location. Read our post " SEO for specific GEO Location" to know detailed information on different parameters for optimizing your website for specific Geo location.

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