• 10 Phases for Building Rock Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy


    Want to design accurate social media strategy but don’t know where to start ? social media experts from KingsWebMedia explain 10 initial phases for good SMM strategy.

    Understanding the Importance of Social Media for Your Business

    When you want to create social influence of your business, first it is required to fully understand the role of social media marketing for your business promotion or reputation. Without understanding what benefits you can gain with social media optimization, you won’t be able to define accurate goals for your campaign. Ask yourself questions like how it would help your business? Or what you can achieve with good SMO strategy?

    Define Measurable Goals and Outcome

    Once you identify what you want to achieve with social media marketing, define goals and outcome of your business. Be careful choosing your goals, as every time you would conduct any task, you would evaluate the impact of that task in getting you closer to your goals. Your defined goals should be realistic and achievable in the desired time and budget you assign with available platforms.

    Identify Your Target Audience and Choose Right Platforms

    You must know which segment of the audience is relevant to your business which you should target with your campaign. Targeting the right audience would earn maximum benefits for your efforts and money. Discover the right platforms where your targeted audience spends more time.  If you think your targeted audience prefers to spend more time on video sites rather than social networking sites, you should give priority to video marketing platforms like YouTube than Facebook. Give priority to the platforms which provide you option for filtering or personalizing your campaign for targeting relevant audiences only.

    Represent Your Business Impressively

    At this stage, you should be aware of how to target audience and which platforms to work with. Now it’s time to create a drastic visual presentation of your brand which impress users at first sight. Don’t just go with free template for any specific platform; take professional help of graphic designer to present your business professionally for all social media platforms you choose for your business. Remember, you don’t need to be a big brand, you just need to make others realize that you are Bigger.

    Create Value

    Why users should like your business page or follow your updates? Are you making any contribution which is valuable to your users? It isn’t necessary to distribute free products or provide discounts coupon codes every time, a nice piece of information without any purpose of promotion would work fine to create social value to your business. Anything and everything you share in your profile must add value to your users and should be unique.

    Track and Measure Properly 

    As we have said before, each promotional task conducted by you should bring you closer achieving your goals which you have defined in the second phase. First identify the different metrics you should consider to track success with major platforms and track the impact of each task which adds value to these metrics. You should define and select personalize metrics to each social media platform in which you promote your business through social media marketing.

    Integrate SEO for Preciseness 

    Whether you publish a blog, create a video or develop informative content relevant to your business and products, research for the keywords as per the subject or theme of the content and optimize it properly with the keywords used most on search engine. You can use Google keyword tool to get ideas for keywords and optimize the content or title accordingly.

    Engage Users Creatively

    There is a thin line between engaging your users creatively and irritating them continuously with sharing unnecessary information again and again which doesn’t contribute different information. Make sure you don’t irritate your users, sharing same information again and again with different words. Spend good time understanding your users’ needs and likes and discover the best methods which you can use to present a solution to their needs. Try to build your own community in your preferred social media platforms.

    Make Experiments

    Don’t rely on your assumption about your audience likeliness and acceptance. The experiment is a key to identify the best options among good one to create more influencing strategy ever. Conduct controlled experiments with different platforms, audience targeting and information you share, observe whether it earns you a positive result or not. Experimenting different things would earn you confidence which will help you in taking better decisions.

    Redesign and Repeat

    Eliminate the platforms and campaign which don’t seem to be performing and add new campaign, platforms or tasks and repeat the entire process from defining goals for new platforms to tracking it correctly. Redefine goals, reselect platforms and repeat your established best practices based on different experiments and driven success to achieve your goals with smarter and precise strategy.