• 10 Rules for Successful Link Building Strategy in 2013


    In 2012, we have observed many new algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin and low EMD by Google which forced us to redesign an entire SEO strategy. Execution of different link building tactics has been impacted most by these updates. For any link building service provider, it became important to re-evaluate and redesign their strategy to retail top positions with each update. With thinking one step ahead in that direction, link building experts from KingsWebMedia has predicted certain factors which may become necessary to follow, while designing strategy for 2013.

    Don’t Be Obsessed About PR and Authority

    Before a year or two, people were crazy about links from .edu or.gov domain and work hard to acquire backlinks from these domains. We have also observed a few people making financial arrangement as well for getting links from these domains. As of now, relevancy preserves more attention than authority. If links from authority sites are not relevant to your business, you wouldn’t get that much benefit as before.

    Focus on Social Links

    Whether it gives you visits or provide any link value, providing social signals for your website became necessary for improving your website authority in the eyes of search engine. Discover the different social media platforms which you can use to promote your business and acquire links as well. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not the only options; you can utilize various blogging platforms, document hosting sites or video sharing sites and share informative content which considered being a social by your targeted audience.

    Give More Important to Geo Relevant Sites

    Day by day it is becoming necessary to target local audience. Search engines also taking considerable actions for improving its ability to display websites in SERP which matched with physical attribute of the users as per his GEO location. Your strategy must give first priority to the sites which are local to your business.

    Forget Link Value, Focus on Traffic Value

    Have you ever tracked how many visits do you get from all the backlinks you acquire from different free platforms on the web? When it comes to link building, people used to focus exclusively on link value rather than observing any traffic value from a specific site. The days are not far when the factors you consider to calculate the link value would lose its important and you have to analyze the quality of traffic rather than quality of links. Try to discover platforms which provide leads regardless of whether it provides any link or not.

    Don’t Rely on Assumption, Make Experiments

    Don’t make a false assumption on which technique would work and which won’t. Establish an ideal process of link building and make experiments with different tactics. Assign value to different techniques based on the success driven by each technique rather than making assumptions. Analyze keyword ranking, improvement in traffic, leads from different sources and continuously evaluate and assign weightage to things which work well for you.

    Strictly No Link Buying

    Purchasing backlinks from authority sites don’t get considered as smarter link building techniques anymore. If you are able to think of buying links from authority sites for better ranking, technical guys who take care of web spam at Google can also think and can take counter action against your website on detecting such kind of link pattern. These kinds of links may get you a result in short time, but once Google would discover these links, possibilities for getting penalty increase and it would take lots of efforts and time to get your website back from the penalty.

    Make Difference

    What makes your link building strategy different from your competitors? Do you integrate some uniqueness in the way you develop content or having a unique way to acquire back links? Don’t just follow common techniques which are well known and popular among all people. When two sites compete with each other in a similar manner, creativity in acquiring links will be a key factor to give priority to one of them. Try to make your link building campaign different from other sites by executing same techniques in different manner.

    Acquire Links With Full Control

    So far, we have been following certain link building techniques on which we don’t have full control the way our link appears. Now, you need to follow techniques and choose websites which provide full control of its appearance. You should be able to modify links and able to delete those links when needed.

    Think Naturally, No Link Spamming

    Whatever platform you utilize or whatever link building tactics you follow, you need to focus on acquiring links naturally without spamming that specific platform. If specific platform or website having good PR or traffic, it doesn’t mean you should try to utilize it unnatural way for your benefits. Whether its article sites, business directories, blogging platforms or forums site, do not conduct task which seems like spamming.

    Be Prepared For the Next Change, Shift Your Strategy Accordingly

    As we have observed a big shift in algorithm by different search engine, different tactics of SEO and Link building is evolving very quickly. Things which seems to be working before six months, it may possible those things won’t work if conducted in the same manner after certain updates. So keep an eye on the current link building and search engine trends and adapt changes in your strategy accordingly.