• 10 Tips to Write Saleable Content


    ‘Content is the king’, this fact has been reiterated time and again by both the writing gurus and the online marketers. In order to sell a product or make profits from a website blog or any other content on the web, the main focus needs to be on the material displayed in front of the targeted audience. A well written content is the one which is comprehensive in reach, yet pithy in presentation.

    Writing to The Point

    Content which digress much without adding value to the topic presented is basically useless and are such fail to serve the required purpose. To the point content that develops the given theme, works the best and proves to be saleable.

    Inverted Pyramid

    The best way to display the content is to place it as an inverted pyramid. This signifies that the topic which needs to be discussed in the broadest sense has to be presented first. Gradually specific points get taken into account.

    Niche Topics

    The topic which gets chosen for writing the content is extremely crucial. It needs to be one in which the content writeris comfortable writing about. Decide upon the audience one wishes to engage and then select the topics based on that.

    Vivid Description

    Clear and lucid language which simply bring the imagination of the audience into the play, works the best. The various styles of the English language can be incorporated into the content to make it both interesting and captivating.

    Unpredictable and Unique Content

    A theme and topic which keeps the audience guessing and hanging onto every word of the writer is bound to succeed. Uniqueness and unpredictability is a key to saleable content. This keeps the reader of panting for more.

    Seriousness Regarding the Job

    The audience always understands when they are being cheated out of information. Therefore, the writer needs to be dedicated to the job at hand and deliver good quality content each and every time based on thorough research.

    Generating Feedback

    There are no clear and precise rules regarding good content. Many times it is a series of hits and misses. Therefore, getting regular feedback from readers can prove to be useful in changing the material towards better and making it effective.

    Taking Interest in What Gets Written

    The love of writing can really make the content go places and serve the required purpose quite amicably. The best idea for any writer would be to write about something in which they are genuinely interested in.

    Writing Compelling Titles

    ‘The first impression is the last impression’, this may sound like a cliché, but still a useful rule to stick to, especially for the writers. The title of the content should present the gist of things to come. This clarifies to the reader what they can expect from the information displayed.

    Use of Graphics

    In order to reinforce the content presented on the website or blog, it is a good idea to make the maximum use of graphics. Multimedia and graphics are useful tools to incorporate inside the content to emphasize the points which are being made.