• A Quick Guide to Twitter Marketing


    Founded in 2006, Twitter has become a home of 100 million active users by 2011 who deliver 33 billion tweets per day. Every second, 11 new Twitter accounts are being registered and 1 million new accounts are being registered every day. 80% of online marketers give first priority to Twitter as their preferred social media platforms for targeting audiences. If you are at the edge of creating a social media presence for your business, you must have a Twitter marketing strategy to take benefit of this ever growing social network. Below post would elaborate detail information on where to take the first steps and how to conduct different tasks for Twitter marketing.

    Taking First Steps: Creating Custom Twitter Background

    Once you register your profile with your brand name, you must focus on developing a drastic impression of your brand through the visual look of your profile. Don’t underestimate the power of professional visualization through custom Twitter background. List out the basic objectives of your business and ask a graphic designer to create a design which includes information to fulfill those objectives. Your brand logo, contact information, services you provide are some of the basic things you should include in your background design.

    Promoting Your Account: Don’t Just Talk About Your Business (It’s not You, It’s US)

    Ideally, people who follow you or people whom you want to follow you, should be aware of your business or should have a positive experience of your business which motivates them to follow you or knowing updates about you. So, the basic principle of promoting your business through Twitter is to create social influence of your business. You must share things which provide some valuable information and provide some kind of benefits to your users. Tweeting about your brand, your products, your services may create bad influence or may bore your followers. You must Share something funny, interesting or valuable information instead of just talking about you only.

    Targeting Most Relevant Audience

    You should target users who are truly relevant to your business. Don’t follow or target people blindly, have a look at their demographic and geographic information and know about their interest and target most relevance audiences only. Initially, you can target users who follow your competitors and see if they show any interest in your business or anything you share. Filter out the users based on their location, age group, interest, their tweets, activity scores etc. There are certain free Twitter apps, listed at the end of this post, which will help you targeting users who follow your competitors and filtering them based on various criteria mentioned above.

    Tracking Success and Reevaluating Your Efforts

    In our previous two posts on Social media marketing  “10 Phase of Building Solid Social Media strategy”, we have explained the basic things you should know for good strategy and the importance of defining goals for your social media campaign. Refer this post and define goals and factors for evaluating success of your twitter campaign. Tracking the impact of each promotional task accurately will help you evaluate your success and will help you take important decisions on where to spend more efforts and time. Continuously track success and evaluate your efforts for betterment of your Twitter marketing. Read our post “Analyzing the Success of Your Twitter Marketing “for a complete explanation on available methodologies and tools for correct tracking.

    Managing your Account Efficiently for Better Productivity

    As you will get connected with more users, your network would grow rapidly and it may become difficult or will become time consuming to schedule your regular tasks on Twitter. Tasks like tweeting interesting content, filtering inactive and spammy users, responding your followers, doing research on social content development, tracking the success of different tasks would become time consuming as your network grows. Based on success driven by each of your campaign or importance of each task, prioritize the different things accordingly and create a schedule for effective management of your Twitter account. No one likes to follow dead accounts, make sure you keep yourself active in responding users and tweeting things happening around you.

    Free Twitter Applications

    Twittercounter.com – Track your success accurately with nice visual graphs and statistics.

    Retweetrank.com - To Know who is showing interest in your tweets.

    Graphedge.com -  List of various new interesting metrics for measuring success.

    Buffer.com – Manage, track and analyze multiple social media accounts from a single platform.

    Tweepi.com – Manage your account efficiently with Automatic follow/un-follow options.