• Controlling The Impact of Your Bad Links by Notifying Google For Its Ignorance


    In the last two years in the SEO industry, we have seen drastic change in the way we have been optimizing website and the way different SEO tactics have been executed so far. When it comes optimizing website, you may have full control on making changes on your website by following the ideal guideline by a search engine but when it comes acquitting backlinks from third party websites, you may not have full control the way you can acquire backlinks and its appearance.

    If you have been doing SEO for your website for a long time, there would be possibilities that the links you had acquired before a year or two and which worked for acquiring good visibility, may consider bad or unethical as per current algorithm updates and guideline. If yes, you should delete those links to save your website from any kind of penalty which may imposed due to those links.

    Especially in case of link building, people were following many techniques for acquiring backlinks of which they don’t have full control. Things like blog commenting, directory submissions, link exchange, social bookmarking were being conducted in bulk and it worked as well before. But after Panda and Penguin update, these things don’t work and backlinks acquired with these old methods can get your website in suspicious region and your website may face negative effect of those links. Read our post “ Impact of Panda and Penguin on Common Link Building Techniques” to see what Panda and Penguin has changed in some regular link building techniques.

    How to Notify Google to Ignore Those Bad Links?

    To notify Google to ignore the unethical links which you can’t delete, Google has launched a new tool through which you can specify google to not to consider these links for assigning overall value and priority to your website based on these links. To use this tool, you need to have admin rights of specific website in webmaster tool. Once you would select websites for which you want to indicate google for ignorance of the links, it will ask you to upload simple text file containing all those links which you think are causing any issue for your website performance. Below is the links to that tool.

    Google’s Tool to Disavow Links

    Best Practice and Things to Take Care

    You should use this tool if you are pretty much confident about the links that causing any problem for your website, as you are the only person who might be knowing what you have done wrong in the past.

    If you have specified any links which are playing a positive role for your website performance, specifying those links incidentally can harm your websites’ performance in search result.

    Once you upload file, if you feel some of the links were good and hence you have specified, you need to upload new file containing only those links which you want to be ignored.

    As the tool is still in Beta version, you need to understand detail guideline on its use, view below video for detail guideline and best use.