• Designing Social Media Strategy? Five Questions You Must ASK


    Success of your social media marketing depends on many factors, designing professional fan page on Facebook or creating a professional Twitter page wouldn’t able to achieve your desire business goals solely. Good presentation content, strategy for user engagement, measurement techniques to identify which things worked, all these work together to create good social media image that supports your online presence.

    Before executing your social media strategy, you need to prepare yourself from different prospect from deciding which tools to track your success to deciding selection of tools for management of different channels efficiently. With years of experience in social media marketing, social media experts from KingsWebMedia have sorted out few questions which would help you designing best social media strategy for your business. If you are hiring any other agency for social media marketing, you can ask their approach for different questions mentioned below.

    What Are the Goals of your Social Media Campaign ?

    50-60% of businesses which conduct a social media campaign are not clear about what actually they want to achieve with their social media campaign. Is your goal to spread awareness about your brand among relevant audience? Or is your goal to maintain a good online reputation with the help of different social media channels? First decide what you want to achieve with your campaign, that would help you to create a better strategy in a planned way. You should define measurable ROI which is possible to achieve with your efforts.

    How to Track Impact of Your Social Media Campaign?

    Once you start conducting different tasks, you must be clear on which tools to track the success of your social media and how to measure the success of each activity you conduct to take important decisions like where to invest more and where to spend more time. If required, you can also define your own matrices to track the success of your campaign instead of measuring success with by default matrices recommended by your web analytic tools.

    How to Identify Right Audience?

    No matter how good is your social media strategy and how well you are in presenting content, conducting your promotion among wrong audience is worthless. You must evaluate the social channel or website you utilize whether it allows to filter your targeted audience or not. Facebook paid advertising allows you to filter your audience based on various criteria to eliminate the irrelevant audience. Make a study of each platform you are going to utilize for your campaign and evaluate the different ways to target relevant audiences more precisely. It also involves identifying different social media channels used by your potential customers regularly.

    How to Engage Your Audience?

    Now you know what you want to achieve, how to measure success and how to target the right audience, it is the most important step of your strategy which keeps your audience engaged with your business. You should brainstorm on how to create good engagement with your audience which motivate them to take an interest in your channel which results in more followers or subscribers. Speaking out about your brand or business wouldn’t establish trust and interest in your audience, you must find some creative ways which indirectly get desire success with more engagement.

    What Are the Tools for Better Management ?

    You must be smart enough on selection of different tools which can help you to manage different social media channel automatically from single platforms. Responding to each and every social media channel manually would eat your considerable amount of time which you can probably spend on user engagement or creating social content. There are plenty of good tools and websites which can save your time for management, check the usefulness of each tool as per your designed social media strategy and select the best.

    Instead of focusing on which platforms to use, which tools to measure your success and how to create user engagement, here we have tried to highlight the points which you must think of, making overall strategy.  Stay tuned with us for future posts on detail to explanation on each point mentioned above.

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