• Different Ways to Analyze Success of Your Twitter Marketing


    So how you measure the degree of your success in Twitter? Is that no. of followers you have? or no. of tweets you have added in your account? While measuring the success with Twitter, there are few matrices you must analyze to track the actual success of your Twitter promotion. These matrices are the key factors one can consider to calculate the exact ROI of your time invested in Twitter promotion through social media marketing strategy.

    Configure URLS for Your Web Analytic Tool to Track Each Campaign Individually

    Before considering any matrices for tracking success, you should properly configure the URL you shared, so your web analytic tool can track the visitor behavior from Twitter or any other social networking sites more accurately with individual campaigns.

    If you are using Google analytic, to track the success of two campaigns individually, it is necessary to tag URLS. Otherwise, all your visits driven from different campaigns on Twitter would consider as a single source as reference visits.  Tagging URLS would allow you to measure the success of each campaign on Twitter individually as per your defined custom parameter as mentioned below.

    Use Google URL builder tool for tagging URL

    http://www.kingswebmedia.com/?utm_source=Twitter& utm_medium=Organic&utm_campaign=blogpost

    Above URL is built with a URL builder tool which indicate Twitter as a traffic source( you can specify any other website), medium as organic as I don’t pay any additional cost for sharing and campaign as blogpost as I want to measure the success of all my posts shared on Twitter.

    When you make URL short, you should enter above built URL rather than the original website URL. With the above setting, Google analytic would track the visits as separate campaign and you would be able to see in traffic source panel as source medium.

    Here, I have given an example of Google analytic, you are supposed to configure URL as per your preferred web analytics tool to track the success of two individual campaigns on the same website( for i.e Facebook CPC campaign and Facebook organic visits). Let’s get back to our original subject.

    Measuring the Success of Your Tweets


    When it comes to social media marketing, the success of your campaign depends on the goodness of content you use for promotion. So it is important to measure the likeliness of your tweets among your followers.

    The simplest way to measure the effectiveness of your tweets is to count no. of retweets by followers. To track the success with this matrix accurately, it is necessary to have loyal followers who followed you because they liked your brand or got impressed by you not the one who follows you because you follow them.

    You can use free Twitter application Retweetrank.com. RetweetRank shows who have retweeted your tweets and which tweets are retweeted most. Analyzing your retweets would also give you an idea on type of content liked most by your followers.

    Measuring Loyal Followers

    Once you have analyzed the type of tweets most likely to appreciate by your followers, it is time to filter out the loyal followers. Without loyal followers, you wouldn’t able to measure the effectiveness of your tweets precisely. You need to get followers with similar interest not the one who is in the race to increase their followers and following users blindly.

    You can consider primary criteria for filtering genuine followers like active followers, no. of tweets by your followers and success of their tweets among their followers. You can consider following metrics for measuring the ratio of loyalty.

    Followers Loyalty = No. Of Retweets/ No. Of Followers

    If you are tweeting a lot and if you have very low no. of followers, this matrix can’t be applied as out of your 100 tweets, there might be few tweets which are general and might appreciate and retweeted by all.

    Compare With Your Competitors

    One direct way to measure your success is to make a comparison with your competitors. You can actually measure the effectiveness of their tweets, retweets by their followers and can also consider to measure their loyal followers with above matrix.

    FollowerWonk.com is another cool Twitter application which allows you to measure your success by analysis of your competitors account. It allows you to measure retweet rank of your competitors, tracking of their followers, taking users whom they follow etc.

    Analyze Direct Conversations with Google Analytics


    If getting visitors to your website is also one of your goals of Twitter marketing, you would probably share links of your website in your tweets. You can also measure the direct conversion with your web analytic tools. As described before, first tag the different URLS of your website with Google URL builder tool and analyze the visitors’ behavior with Google analytic.

    You can analyze the metrics like Avg time on site, no. of pages viewed, no. of goals completed and so on, as per type of website and your goals. You can also segment the users driven by individual twitter campaign and apply different matrics on those segmented visits to track the different tasks conducted by visitors from any specific campaign.

    Bonus : Free Twitter Application 



    Manage your users more efficiently with this free Twitter application. It allows you to follow people who follow your competitors in bulk, allow to unfollow people who are not following you back and follow the people in bulk who following you and whom you are not following.


    Do you want to see the progress of your Twitter campaign in visual chart presentation? This application transforms your twitter progress in cool metrics like average tweets, average followers by time, no. of views as top users, growth in followers and retweets etc.


    This twitter application makes the comparison between two Twitter accounts easier with the use of various matrics. It allows you to analyze overall benchmark standard between you and your competitors. It also allows you to sort the followers of any users by various factors based on no. of days of recent activity, no. of tweets, no. of  followers and so on.

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