• Ebay Best Match Algorithm Revealed


    eBay is one of the largest network of buyers and sellers and ever growing platforms for online shopping around the world. It has a very good potential for direct product sales and branding if optimized in a proper way. Due to having large no. of sellers listing similar products, criteria and algorithm for getting your listing on top for relevant search queries is tough and require optimizing your listing from a variety of prospects. Let’s have a quick look at all these factors which can impact your product listing visibility and see what things work.


    Understanding Best Match Algorithm

    The best match algorithm is a heart of eBay, based on which it displays search result as per buyer’s search terms. The Best match algorithm has been developed with focus on improving buyer’s satisfaction from displaying listing as per his/her search terms. Along with best practice for listing items, explained in our post “Optimizing Your EBay Listing”, it considers a variety of other factors which provide a positive signal with prospect to buyers needs and requirement. So the sellers, who implement an item listing or provide facilities which are more beneficial to buyers, more will be the chances for getting an item listing on top. eBay assigns scores to each item listed based on various factors explained below and display the listing as per that score and relevancy of items prospect to buyers search query.


    Factors Best Match Considers for Listing

    Title and Description of Product 

    The title is an important factor for getting your item on top of the search result as per buyers search term. If the title of your Item or category pages would match closely with buyers search term, the more will be chances for its higher appearance.

    Factors in Favor of Buyers

    • Clear and precise description about product
    • Free shipping, same day shipping and 30 day money back guaranty
    • Freshness of listing and format of listing and its relevancy to buyers
    • The competitive price of the product and customer services (may considers previous customer feedback)
    • Product relevancy and popularity with buyers
    • Seller rating and past performance (Top rated sellers and seller’s performance based on previous Item sales and prospective factors

    Anything and everything which would help to deliver a positive experience to buyers in buying from ebay, would help your item listing appears higher in the search result.


    Listing Historical Performance 

    There are varieties of factors to improve your listing ranking in ebay search result including the relevancy of your listing and its past performance. Below is the quick overview of the factors relevant to listing performance.

    Impression:  it is the total no. of time your listing appears in search result for relevant search queries. With this data, you would be able to analyze all possible search terms for which your listing has been appearing in the result and analyze the success factors or would try to improve its rank by its proper optimization.

    Click through rate: it is the ratio of total no. of time your listing displayed compared to no. of clicks by viewers. The higher the clicks through rate, higher are the chances to get on top.

    Sale through rate : it is the ratio of total no. of clicks to total no. of sales for that item. For listing contains a multiple quantity of the same products, you would have a sale through rate higher than 1.

    Item Sold : it is the total no. of sold items from your listing when displayed in search result.( It is the total no. of sold items for your listing for a period of times it remained active)


    How to Use Above Statistics? 

    All above factors can be viewed from listing analytics, available free of charge from application center for sellers. As I have explained before, best match considers the historical performance of listing along with best suggested guidelines for sellers described in our post “Optimizing Ebay Listing”.

    If your listing appears at higher position and have very low click through rate, you need to analyze the factors which stopping viewers for clicking on your listing or need to analyze the relevancy of your item prospect to those search queries and need to implement changes accordingly, for increasing relevancy to prospective search terms.

    For product listing having high impression and good click through rate, you should evaluate the success factors of those listing and can implement changes in other listing which don’t appear at good position.

    If you have higher click through rate, means your listing appears at a higher position and viewers also found your listing relevant to what they are looking for.

    But, if there is too much difference in a sale through rate, you need to analyze the factors stopping users buying your products. It may be your product price, your shipping option or other policy which demoralizing users for buying products from you compared to other sellers with similar products.

    Above are the basic factors which best match considers in choosing an item for higher ranking. Initially, you should compare above factors with your product listing and try to identify the points which you have not optimized in your listing.

    In our next post, we would explain the best practice and various scenarios to improve your product listing rank on eBay. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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