• Five Tips for Developing High Quality Content That Works for SEO


    SEO content writing, at first moment it sounds like writing for search engine for improving the visibility by integrating few keywords for the subject you have been writing for. A good piece of content is the one, intended to develop for real readers rather than a search engine. If a person who is developing content really mean it, 50% of his efforts for developing great content can be accomplished smoothly.

    Content Writing is Not Copy Writing

    When someone asks for content writing, the service must include doing good research on concepts, products and niche for which he is writing and need to develop  a piece of content which is of his own thoughts and opinion about that subject. Where copy writing means copying concept and overall theme of the existing content and modifying it and republished it a way which doesn’t sound like copied one. Copy wiring requires following the footsteps of others, where content writing means creating your own path.

    Research Well

    The more you would have knowledge about the subject, more possibilities would raise for you to develop distinguish content which is a key factor for successful SEO strategy. On every new assignment, good pre-research is required about the subject. Many experienced content writers underestimate this portion and rely on their overconfidence earned by their experience. One must research enough to create different content each time to be  written on the same topics.

    Create Tightly Themed Content on a Single Concept

    For developing a content which truly holds user interest from start to end, it is necessary for a content writer to create a content themed tightly around one concept. Uniqueness and originality of the content would solely depend on concept on which he is writing. So, each writer should initiate his tasks with concept development and must take care that developed content should be themed strongly on that concept.

    Don’t be Obsessed About Keywords Density 

    A natural piece of content automatically include keywords naturally at certain placements in the content which is required for SEO. Generally in SEO Firm, content guideline is given by SEO folks who ask content writers to keep the certain frequency of their targeted keyword at certain places. Content writers focus more on keywords inclusion than the concept development, which keeps them behind creating a great piece of content. So, don’t think about keywords at the first moment, instead keyword integration tasks should be given to SEO folks after content deployment by writers.

    Evaluate the Usefulness of Each Paragraph, Does it Contribute Any Value?

    When there is an objective to develop a content length of certain words, many people prefer to add unnecessary paragraphs that kill overall theme of the content and doesn’t contribute any additional meaning or value. One has to evaluate the usefulness of each paragraph presents in content and analyze how it is different from other paragraphs . Many article directories or platforms require a minimum length of content to be published, this should be done without violating overall theme of the content.

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