• Five Ways to Improve User Engagement for Effective Social Media Marketing


    No matter what social media platforms you have been using or what methods you have been following for social media optimization, without good user engagement techniques your campaign wouldn’t able to get desired outcomes as per your expectation and efforts. Regardless of industry niche your business falls under, there are certain things which always work among your targeted audience which can improve the engagement with your users on different social media platforms. Here are some quick points for better user engagement.

    Show Them you Are Worth to Trust

    It takes only a few seconds for any user to decide whether you are trustworthy or not. Making first impression a way which provides a trust signal to users is necessary for success of your social media campaign. Different things like professional business profile, users in your circle, information you have shared and groups you have joined work together to earn users’ trust. Identify and discover different ways to earn trust of users and implement it in prospective social media platforms.

    Be Contributor, Share Something Valuable Worth to Read

    Good contribution is a key to success for better user engagement. Your contribution is an answer to a user’s question on why they should connect with you. One has to brainstorm on things you should share among your users and should track whether users appreciate it or not. With Facebook, you can measure the success of your contribution with likes or no. of clicks on links you share and with Twitter, you can measure this by no. of retweets by your followers. Analyze the type of content liked most by users and contribute accordingly.

    Develop an Art of Giving, Freebies  Always Work

    60-70% of social media marketer believe that giving away freebies is necessary for effective social media promotion. Initially, it is possible that you may require to give away free stuff  which is the main source of business revenue, still it would turn into Win-win situation in future. Freebies will improve your brand awareness, revisits to your profile, trust signal and users  would talk and share with their friends naturally, if your freebie is really worth to talk about. If you have developed a great product, due to high competition, it is necessary to make users aware about your products and giving away it free is the best solution.

    Be Creative, Make a Difference

    What makes you different from other brands? Now days, everyone follows an ideal guideline for social media optimization for improving their social presence. You have to be distinguish promoting your brand through social media campaign. Don’t follow the sames ways followed by bigger brands or your competitors. You know your audience better than anyone, be distinguished on creating your brand value through social media promotion.

    Be Communicative, Hear Your Customer’s  Voice Instantly

    Listening to your customer’s voice should also be a purpose of your social media campaign. Establishing good communication with your engaged users is must for making  your social media efforts comes true. If you get any comments on the information you share and queries or complaints  regarding your products or brand, must respond them instantly with the intention of making good communication and help them to solve their problems. Reserve some time for communication with your users from your daily schedule on regular base to keep your social media campaign alive.

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