• How to do SEO for Targeting Specific Geo Location?


    You may have observed different result for the same keywords in the different Geo location. You may have observed different websites appeared for the same search query in google.com, google.co.uk and so on. If you want to see the exact difference, you need to use website which provides proxy server and need to observe the SERP result with a different extension like Google.co.uk, com.hk and so on. So what criteria Google consider displaying results as per Geo specific location and what factors can make an impact on the result?

    Well, there are a couple of points which come into the picture while calculating the ability of your website for a specific group of keywords to appear in specific Geo location. Below is the quick overview of all these points to achieve ranking in your targeted demographic region.

    Domain Extension and Location of Hosting Server

    Selection of domain extension has higher priority in getting considered for specific Geo location. Generally you have two options selecting domain, one is the top level domain ( .com,.org,.net etc.) And country specific domain ( .co.uk, .ie,.de etc..).Country specific domains are limited to show off in specific countries. Selecting country specific extension is incapable of getting appeared in different Geo locations where the top level domain is. If your targeted audience is limited to a specific country, choose country specific domain, otherwise top level domain would be better selection if you want to expand in future.  By setting in Webmaster tool, you can target specific country with a top level domain but the reverse is not true for country specific domain. Same way location of hosting server also gets considered. Ideally get hosting service where server IP address matches to your targeted country.

    Geo Graphical Content and Address Map

    You may have observed that result from local classified sites appeared at a higher position in search of a certain key phrase which includes city or state name. The main reason behind this is the geographical content like address, information about that place and Google map indicator. Implement the similar content in your website where it is possible.

    Settings in Your Google Webmaster Tool

    If it is not possible to have a country specific domain name or hosting server located in your targeted country, you should use Google webmaster tools and set the target location to the country you want to target. This setting would provide a strong signal to Google for your targeted audience.

    Geo Attributes of Websites Link to Your Site

    If your website matches all the criteria specified above and still not getting satisfactory result, the last thing you are supposed to check is the links you have got from websites and whether those websites match above criteria as per your targeted country or not. The ideal way to get your website ranked in specific Geo location is having a link building strategy which gets you links from websites with above matched factors no matter what efforts you need to put behind acquiring those links. Most of the webmasters depend on the websites which provide free links in hope to get better results. If you are desperate to get results quickly, you need to think differently to acquire links and have to observe websites manually which you have been utilizing for back links.

    There are a couple of other places and resources which Google might use to collect Geo signals for giving priority to different website along with the above mentioned factors. Sometimes your offline promotion and visitor attributes of direct traffic get considered. If you have a valid local address, don’t forget to add your business in Google places to get your free business listing in Google local business result appears at the top of the search result. It may possible that Google might consider signal from its latest introduction of Google+, people in your circle, the location of people who refer your website etc.

    In conclusion, you must do all the things which provide strong signal to search engine to get your website considered for your targeted location on the web.

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