• How to Optimize Your Ebay Listing?


    In our previous post on “Best Match Algorithm”, we have explained various factors best match algorithm considers for assigning priority to different product listing. In this post, we are going to explain how to implement and optimize all those factors for enhancing your listing rank on ebay. When it comes to improving ranking of your item listing, along with optimizing it from various prospects best match considers, it is necessary to continuously analyze the listing and making changes for its improvement. So at the end of the post, we have explained about making experiments on your listing with the help of ebay listing analytic tools.

    Best Practices for Optimizing Title of Your Listing


    While creating the title of your items, you must analyze the different search trends used by users on ebay and key phrases very popular for searching relevant products as yours. There are three ways you can look for search trends on ebay and optimize title accordingly.

    Google Keyword Research Tool:

    As you might be aware of this, it gives you suggestions regarding different search terms relevant to your website & products and its average search volume in specific Geo location over the time. You can use this data to identify the most common search terms or keywords relevant to your products.

    Ebay Keyword Research Tool:

    After collecting data on popular keywords from the Google keyword tool, you can input these keywords into ebay keyword research tool and compare the popularity of different keywords on ebay and sort out the keywords with high to low popularity for creating the title of your product.

    Furthermore, once you create title of any product, it gives an additional facility to analyze the ability of your title for improving the relevancy for your item with targeted search terms. So you can test your title with different keywords for which you want to optimize your listing and check the possibilities of higher ranking and make changes accordingly.

    Ebay Suggestions :

    When you start typing in the Ebay search box, it automatically suggests you different search terms relevant to you entered keyword. You can also use these suggestions to create variation in your title tag as per popularity of different keywords.

    Things to Take Care Creating Title

    When you are optimizing Title for your Category pages, search terms, most popular among people should be included in the title tag. So, according to keyword popularity and relevancy, you can use above tools to create a title for category pages.

    Title for product pages should include information which provides precise information about specific product to motivate buyers to take further interest.

    Due to large no. of product availability from different sellers, along with optimizing your title tag ideally, you have to focus on creating a title tag which catches viewer’s attention and improve click through rate.

    You also need to take care of different filter option provided by ebay in your product category. Buyers on ebay look for specific products and use filter option frequently. So your title tag should also include the keywords according to the default filter options provided by ebay to appear on top when users use the filter options in categories your products are listed.

    Improving The Quality of Your Listing 

    Try to improve the quality of your listing with different factors best match considers for prioritizing the listing of similar items. Below is the quick overview of those factors, get a detail explanation in our previous post “Best Match Algorith Revealed “.

    • Quality of images
    • Free shipping , Same Day Shipping and Money Back Guaranty
    • Detailed and precise information about your products and item specifies
    • Focus on getting your products listed in the most relevant categories suggested by ebay
    • Getting listed as top rated sellers ( get positive feedbacks)

    Analyze The Performance With Listing Analytic


    Listing analytic is a free tool for sellers available at application center, through which you can analyze the performance of your listing and take better decisions for its improvement.

    Do Smart Experiments and Take Better Decisions with Listing Analytic  

    Review historical performance of your sold items and evaluate the things which worked well for those listings. Identify the different factors like pattern of the title or the things which motivates buyers to buy your products and the keywords they have searched to reach your products.

    Analyzing historical performance of sold items would give you ideas on the relevancy of your items with a prospect to ebay users and search terms they have used and most successful search terms with higher buying ratio. So you can use the search terms which trigger product sale and consider optimizing your listing with the prospect of these search terms.

    Listing analytic shows rank of current live items for associate search terms by users. With this data, you can analyze where your listing stands and then compare with other similar listing for its optimization.

    If your listings have a very low impression ratio, you can modify your Title tags and other changes and can observe whether the changes brought higher impression or not.

    With analytic tool, you can discover the key performance indicator for your listing, success factors of top listing by other sellers and analyze the difference in its improvement by making any changes by its optimization.

    So try to make experiments with your listing which are not performing well and continuously analyze its performance and impact of its optimization by you to drive better conclusion and take informed decisions.

    Enhancing the product sales and conversions is one of the key factors for evaluating the quality and effectiveness s of Ecommerce SEO services and without close analysis, it became difficult to understand what worked and what didn’t. So whether you sell products on third party sites like ebay or on your own ecommerce store, always focus good analysis and make good conclusions for a higher revenue generation.