• Impact of Panda and Penguin on Common Link building Techniques


    Till panda and penguin updates, there are lots of changes we have observed in keywords ranking and websites affected in SERP. Websites disappeared from the SERP which were conducting black hat SEO techniques and many websites experienced higher ranking.The thing which is clearly proved with these two updates is that, same link building techniques won’t work anymore if conducted in the same traditional way.If you adopt the approach to buy links from the websites which are good in the eyes of Google, it’s violets its guideline of link building. So it became a tough situation for webmasters and SEO Service Provider To identify and rely on techniques which work and give guaranteed result. If you missed to know about any Panda and Penguin updates, read our post “ A walk through All Google Panda and Penguin Updates”.

    At KingsWebMedia, We have conducted various experiments on common link building activities on which we have been relying for link acquisitions and achieving keyword ranking. Based on these experiments, we have concluded that if the same methods like Article submission, directory submission conducted in a different manner, they work well for achieving ranking. As these websites are free resources, there would be no issue of link spamming. All you need to take care of the quality of the content used with each activity and selection of quality website for link building.

    Shift the Ratio of On Page Optimization VS Off Page Optimization

    Previous Scenario:

    Before panda and penguin updates, we used to analyze websites and make necessary changes in the content of the WebPages which we are optimizing and other small changes in website architecture. On page optimization was a single short task which supposed to be finished at the first stage, then all focus was given on off page link building activities for keyword ranking. Previously, the ratio of on page content development Vs off page content development was 20/80, mean we were focusing 20% for content development for website and 80% for content development for off page activities. Till before, it worked pretty much as back links with good content was able to achieve the desired result.

    Current Scenario:

    Now, on page optimization is not a single shot activity, you have to keep focusing on making your website better with prospect to the content and usability of different things you present on your website. The ratio is switched to 60/40, means now you need to focus 60% on good content development for your website and 40% on content development for off page activities.

    Article Submission


    Article directories are free resources for getting best quality of contextual links to your website. Some of the article directories allow you to add links in the article body and rest allow to add two links in the Author resource attached at the end of each article.

    Previous Scenario:

    We used to create unique content and used to submit that content to some of the top article directories. Uploading same content on top 20 or 30 sites were working so far.

    Current Scenario:

    Now uploading same content on top article directories doesn’t work anymore. You need to create unique content and used to upload that content to top 2-3 sites only. Uploading same content more than 5 sites would get considered as over optimization. You also need to check the relevancy of the article directories whether it provides article categories in which your content suits best.

    Best Guideline for Article Submission After Panda and Penguin Update

    Create unique content

    Select top 3 article directories which have an IP address and hosting location in your targeted region

    Give a more preference to sites which allow you to add do follow links in the body of the article

    Circulate the placement of keywords you are linking in each article site

    Featured Blog Links and Backlinks Through Blog Comments


    Some blog owners and blog platform by default display top commentator section on the home page in which, they display links to highest commented people. Certain blogs platforms also allow do follow comments with keyword names in blog comments.

    Previous Scenario:

    People used to spam certain high PR blogs with above two features and try to achieve their name in top commentator sections even if the blogs are irrelevant to their website. Acquiring links from these High PR blogs was working previously. Some eager webmasters and website owners also used to make financial arrangements with blog owners to get featured home page links.

    Current Scenario:

    After Panda and Penguin updates, all the websites get eliminated from SERP which appeared on top with the use of these types of blog network of featured links. Blogs are a loyal platform to make communication with your readers or to spread your voice among interested people. Now, only benefit you can get of blogging is to create a good social media presence and to create a good network of people who are interested in knowing about you. You also need to select the most relevant blogs and need to make comment with the intention of making communication with that blog writer rather than to add links in comments. Using your brand name instead of keyword as an anchor text in most relevant blogs would get considerd as loyal link

    Forum Signature Links/ Forum Profile Links


    Just like blogs, forum posting was also one of the key link building methods used for acquiring backlinks. People used to add signature links. Certain forums sites also provide profile links on user profile page.

    Previous Scenario:

    People used to make spamming of irrelevant forum websites and try to get signature links in bulk. Certain forums sites have general topic which is general to all business. Getting links from these high PR general sites was still able to support your link campaign.

    Current Scenario:

    Like blogs, forums are also the ultimate place on the web to connect with people with similar interest.  Certain forums have loyal users which help and provide support for tackling different issues you get with its prospective subject. Now you should use forums to create your network and need to share informative content that forum users appreciate to read about without violating forum guideline. Again you should use forums to provide social signal to search engine rather than acquiring links. Make sure you choose most relevant forums for sharing useful content.

    Link Exchange


    Providing links to other sites or say referring to other websites, you indirectly indicate that website you have linked have good information for people and search engine which they might miss or they should know about.

    Previous Scenario: 

    The genuine link exchange involves evaluating the quality of the website manually with which you are exchanging links, Read our post “How to qualify websites for links exchange” for evaluating the quality of the website. People used to join the link exchange network and become victims of automatic network which doesn’t check the quality of website manually. Exchanging links with high PR sites was quit working before.

    Current Scenario:

    When you are exchanging links with other websites, you logically agree that your linked website is relevant to your website and have genuine information which may seem useful and beneficial. The reverse is also true for your website. So focus on exchanging links with any website and evaluate the quality of the website manually instead of exchanging links blindly based on PR and backlinks of the website.

    Social Bookmarking & Directory Submission


    These two types of websites are majorly used for acquiring links in large amount. Before Panda and Penguin updates, these two techniques were mostly used by webmasters for increasing no. of back links and visitors to the website.

    As of now, these two techniques don’t work anymore. Submitting your business in a certain quality business directory is natural steps that everyone does but submitting your business in thousands of free directories just for backlinks doesn’t count to be natural.

    Online bookmarking sites are intended to use for saving your favorite links which you can access anywhere you go with use of the internet. Saving your favorite links in each and every possible bookmarking site doesn’t count to be a natural one. So saving your links in some good bookmarking sites would be ok, but sharing it to hundreds of sites sounds like spamming.

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