• Latest Copywriting Trends


    By the year 2012 human civilization has reached a point where it is practically surrounded by the Web. People now don’t exclusively use a computer for browsing the Internet, as other portable gadgets have arrived on the scene. Today, Smartphones, tablets, internet TV, game consoles has created a robust virtual world, and a seasoned content writer must understand this difference. The latest trends demand that the online content should be formatted differently for different interfaces. Thus, a content writer must make themselves well acquainted with these different formats.

    New Styles:

    During the last year or so video content has become exceedingly popular among users, especially for internal search and pages with video contents have also shown good search engine results. Video script writing capability has become a very important quality for a good content writer.

    In the modern consumer world customer is the most important and efficient copy writing in 2012 is required to be as much customer friendly as possible. Another important thing is the ability of the content to reach the maximum number of potential customer’s by its own attraction and search engines play a very important role in this matter.

    Now a content writer is required to have a clear conception of the latest techniques that the search spiders from these search engines use and format their content accordingly. Traffic is still the most important thing in the World Wide Web and in order to stay in the competition a copy writer must be able to raise the search engine ranking of the website by providing good quality and authentic content.

    Another latest trend that has become quite popular this year is persuasive content writing. Content is always the most important for the search engines and now copywriters are using certain strategic keywords at different places of the content. These strategic key words are determined after a lot of research and are different for different niche. But persuasive content writing is never only about placing well researched key words in different parts of content. Along with being search engine friendly it is also required to be customer friendly too.

    A More Definite Target:

    The web has reached almost every part of the globe and that has persuaded the websites to target customers for particular country or a particular geographical location too. The number of local online service providers has had a tremendous growth and naturally content targeted to a city or state based audience is more in demand.

    Creating content rich blogs for different popular blogging platforms is also one of the latest trends used to attract a more localized audience. Most of the popular search engines are now capable of indexing images and flash shock waves on a webpage and a copywriter in 2012 is required to make his content relevant with those elements of the page.