• Link Wheel Essential for Ethical Link Building


    There is a thin line between websites in content farms link to each other and creating link wheel with the use of web 2.0 sites which link to each other. See the difference, websites in a content farm also link to each other and websites used for link wheel also link to each other, hence content farm considered as black hat techniques where link wheel gets considered as an ethical technique for improving SERP ranking. You must aware of basic criteria to create link wheel structure which won’t get considered as content farm or black hat linking.

    Let’s start with a simple introduction. Link wheel is techniques in which various web 2.0 sites link each other in a way which creates circular wheel. That means Site A link to Site B, Site B link to site C and Site C links to Site A, thus each site gets linked from its previous website in a circle and pass links to its next website in a circle, thus create one way link to each other. Along with linking each other circularly, they pass link to targeted website which gets benefits in link value which you want to optimize. Look at the below diagram for a visual explanation of link wheel.

    There are two essential steps to create a good link wheel structure which gives you good benefits in SERP.

    Create Great Content That You Can Partition   

    Creating great content was always good scenario for improving SERP visibility. When it comes to implementing content for link wheel, you need to take special care for the content. The objective is not just to create great content, but the content which gets divided into different partitions which you can upload to different web 2.0 sites that can link each other in a natural way. In link wheel, you can’t just create content for each site individually and link to another site for ease of back link. Content itself should be implemented such a way which requires linking content into next website in a genuine way. That means, link to next site must sounds like good meaning or usefulness.

    Choose Best Websites

    The principle works behind creating link wheel is the contextual links you get from some of the high PR web 2.0 sites which are good in the eyes of search engine. To get maximum benefits of your content, you need to focus on selecting good sites to use for link wheel. Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Blogger, WordPress, Weebly are an ideal choice of link builders, hence you can choose the other sites link article directories, forum links and sites which allow multiple linking. The objective is to choose websites which gets your content indexed quickly in SERP along with providing contextual links to your site.

    What Not to Do ?

    You must ensure the quality of the website used for link wheel.

    Select the no. of website based on total no. of partitions of original content

    Each content implemented or partitioned, must be unique & original

    Do not use the same content on multiple websites.

    Do not try to get links which sound unnatural or sounds irrelevant

    Do not add too much links within same content; consider integrating 2-3 links only,

    Do not link to irrelevant content, it may impact negatively.

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