• Pros and Cons of Link Exchange and Best Practice to Follow


    Past couple of years when a search engine crawler wasn’t much sufficient to crawl the web faster, specifying reference to other websites was being considered as good factor as we were providing resources which might be a good source of information for search engine and help them to index quality information. Many people still consider linking to a certain authority website like Dmoz, News websites and expert’s blog.

    Based on this concept, webmasters started exchanging links with other websites to improve their ranking but viral growth in exchanging links with other website which are not even relevant get its as spam way. Link exchange method has also give born to link exchange networks, link exchange section in SEO forums and link market place. Due to its violation, the use of link exchange as a link building strategy gets less popular among webmasters and Google has prohibited the links acquired by buying or exchanging links with irrelevant websites.

    Smart way of doing link exchange and manual observation of websites can get you best result with proper execution. But you need to be very specific choosing websites for link exchange and websites must pass through certain quality criteria before making them as your link partner. Below is the brief overview of those factors.


    Along with having a look at the kind of services any website provides or type of products they are selling, there are a couple of other ways to check the relevancy of a specific website to yours. You can observe at the domain name extension and hosting server location and checked if it matches with your targeted region. You can also check the quantity and quality of the content present on the website and regularity of content updating.

    Link Value Evaluation

    When you are getting links from any website, you must know how to evaluate the value of a link from that website as well as link value from your website so you can make an exchange with same authority websites as yours. Checking PR of the link page would be a good initial step. You should also consider counting total no. of links on that page as the PR of the page would get spread among all links present on the page. You must fix the criteria to exchange links with websites with minimum outbound links. If you dive little bit deeper, you can restrict your link exchange campaign to websites with IP and hosting server address in your targeted regions. Don’t forget to check whether the link page has links from other subpages on the website or not. There should be clearly visible link from root page of the website to link page. One more advance step requires checking website popularity by checking how many other website links to that website. You can also check how many pages of the website have indexed in Google by manually firing search query site: Websitename.com and checking back links with the link: websitename.com

    Things to take care even after exchange 

    Once you finish exchanging links with your website, there are certain things you have to check on regular base. First you have to confirm that they are still linking to your site and haven’t removed your link after removing. You can use “Tool Name “to check whether you are getting link back or not, just need to copy and paste those URL to this tool instead of checking each link manually. You have to keep evaluating the link value based on which you agree to exchange links with. If you found that specific website get into the list of spammy websites, you must take immediate action to remove links to those sites. The web is continuously changing and each day new domains get purchased and old got deleted. So you must confirm that your entire link partner should be act one not the dead website with some kind of weird advertisement from hosting provider.

    How to get link partner?

    There are a couple of good places on the web where you can look for link exchange partner. Check out Some popular SEO forums like Digital point and join webmaster community and post your information about your website and other requirement for exchanging links. You can manually search for relevant website and look for the resource page or link page. There is couple of link exchange network as well which provide you the facility to get connected with other websites.

    It is not necessary that exchanging links with other relevant websites would get you guaranteed result. It may work it may not, if it works you need to find out the reason and try to get links from relevant websites and keep doing research on new partners.

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