• Search Engine Optimization for Small Static Website


    Level of website optimization solely depends on the type of websites you are optimizing. For dynamic websites, there are different no. of factors needed to evaluate compare to small static website and level of website optimization also grows as the complexity of the website grows. Due to difference in structure of website and the way each website has been developed, there are certain factors which you can optimize better as per type of website.

    A static website is one of the simplest type of website preferred by small businesses which want to provide information about their business with the help of few web pages. Along with optimizing basic factors like the Title tag, Meta tags or interlinking ( view the complete list of factors), there are certain things which you can optimize better in static website. SEO experts from KingsWebMedia highlight these points which you should take care exclusively in case of static websites.

    Implement Better UI and UX

    SEO is not just restricted to creating great content and acquiring quality back links. Google considers each and every factor to evaluate the goodness of your website which also includes evaluating UX and UI of the website. With static website, you can can implement more customization in its design compare to dynamic website where it is necessary to adopt the single web template for different pages.

    For static website, design needs to be considered for few pages only which gives you the freedom to implement more customization as per your wish. You can optimize images better way, you can implement better interlinking between pages, you can define an individual call to action for each page, you can define custom file name for the pages and modify all the factors to enhance the level of SEO friendliness which isn’t possible to implement with large dynamic websites which are built with specific platforms. For static website, you can drill down optimization of each web page individually which is not possible with dynamic websites.

    Optimize Website Speed with Browser Caching  

    As we all know,website speed is an important factor which Google considers for prioritizing websites for SERP, you must optimize your website speed from different prospect. In static website, the resources and files used like images, javascript files, CSS and all other supported files are intended to use for long terms. Due to this, you can utilize the browser caching feature and can reduce the time required for downloading each file from your hosting server.

    Implement Better Coding

    Recently Google has introduced coding guideline for webmasters on its official webmaster blog, you can find the detail  post at “ Coding guideline for HTML and CSS ”. In this post,  it has specified guidelines for HTML and CSS and mentioned the correct way to use different tags for better coding. In dynamic website, where you use content management system, modifying core programming becomes difficult for developers. In case of a static website, you can customize the coding of your web pages as per preferred guideline.

    Detail Checklist on

    Integrate Blog to Update Content

    Updating static websites is one of the most time consuming and difficult task website owners face. Dynamic websites built with CMS, we have an admin dashboard from where we can implement changes in website content or add new pages. In case of static website, we need to download pages from hosting control panel ,need to make changes which require knowledge of HTML and other programming language and need to upload updated pages again to hosting server to reflect those changes online. As per current trends of search engine, it is mandatory to update content on your website regularly. In static website you will need help of web developers to update content or make changes which might cost you higher amount.

    Integrating blog can be the best possible solution you can adopt to update content on regular base. WordPress and other blogging platform allow you to host your own blog on a sub domain or subdirectory, you can use that blog to update content without the help of a developer. You would get simple dashboard to manage your blog without any hassle. Submitting and sharing blog to certain websites can also get you quality traffic to your website.

    In Above post, we have mentioned just a few things which we have observed to be ignored by webmasters while optimizing a static website. If you are looking for a checklist of different factors to optimize, read our post “ SEO Checklist for Static Website”.

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