• SEO Checkpoints for Recovery From Google Panda and Penguin Updates


    Google Panda and Penguin consider many signals from different resources to detect the websites which use unethical techniques. Signals from social media sites, link pattern from third party websites, quality of the content and other tasks which you might have conducted for improving visibility of your website in SERP.

    Nowadays, search engines became very sensitive and aggressive for keeping an eye on all small to big factors which can provide good or bad signals about your website or promotional activities you conduct online. It became a tough job for SEO service providers to keep their website away from any kind of penalty which might get applied to their website by Google or any other search engine. By observing various trends and pattern of all Panda and penguin updates, we have concluded certain points which you must take care to keep your website visibility intact. If you have experienced penalty, you can look for below factors which may be a reason for that penalty. For detail information on panda and penguin, visit our post “A Walk through All Panda and Penguin Updates”.

    No Updates on Website For a Considerable Amount of Time

    Google itself is a website and it measures user satisfaction for each website it displays in its SERP for prospective search terms. No one likes to visit a dead website or website with old information without any updates. If you are solely dependent on your link building efforts for maintaining ranking, it is time to update your website  with unique and meaningful content or need to update website design which brings more user engagement or deliver better user experience.

    Duplicate Content Between Inner Pages

    Duplicate content issues became more sensitive after launch of symmetric algorithm for detecting the quality of the content. When managing large dynamic websites, sometimes you may miss to observe the duplicate content due to absence of canonical tag or may upload the same content in product pages belongs to the same category. Observe the content being developed dynamically and implement changes which makes the content distinguish.

    Excessive Use of Keywords in Content, URL, Interlinks and images

    Content optimization was being considered as best on page optimization tactics for improving the visibility of your website. Many aggressive and smart webmasters were integrating keywords a way which doesn’t violate the search engine guidelines and hence maintain a good ratio of keyword density and proximity. This type of content may seem good for search engine but seems irritating to real users.

    Now we don’t need to apply strict rules for optimizing content on the website, just need to integrate keywords which seems most natural without worrying about its density or proximity. Too much Use of keywords in the Footer content, Image ALT tag and as an anchor text for interlinking must get eliminated.

    Too Much Difference in Onpage Content Implementation Vs off Page Content Distribution

    Previously, SEO service provider was focused on content development for various link buildingactivities without making extra efforts for on-site content development. Till now, it worked well for achieving ranking. Now Google detects the difference between content distribution on third party websites for acquiring links, and new content you have uploaded on your website. If it founds too much difference, it may impose over optimization penalty on your site.

    Website With Poor User Experience

    Technology has grown so far, now we don’t rely on single browser or single device to access internet. Invention of Smartphones and tablet PC has given a boon to new audiences who want to have quick internet access.

    You must evaluate the user experience of your website from different prospects like browser compatibility, device compatibility and good loading speed, and take all steps which can help improving the UX of your website. Improving UX of your website from all prospects would indicate that you care for each and every visitor, regardless of the environment in which he is viewing your site.

    Fixed Patterned Links in Large Quantity

    What’s your link building strategy? Do you rely on the same type & No. of websites for acquiring links? If yes, you need to redesign your strategy and should focus on acquiring links from distinguished types of websites which don’t indicate any fixed pattern. You must not rely on a few websites which you think are good to achieve backlinks, instead, focus on websites which brings you good leads and traffic regardless of the type of links it provides.

    Paid Links from High PR Authority Website

    People were crazy for acquiring links from .edu or .gov domain and were ready to pay high amount for the same. Now, Google has enhanced its algorithm for detecting relevancy of your website and the website which links to yours and eliminated websites which appeared on top with financial arrangements for link acquisition. If you have made such a mistake in the past, you should immediately delete all the links acquired by some sort of financial agreement.

    Large No. of Links With Same Anchor text

    Previously, it was ok to use your targeted keywords as an anchor text in each link you acquire from different websites. Many webmasters have adopted the strategy to create a separate content rich page with a focus on targeting a single keyword only. Single page, single keyword strategy doesn’t work anymore, now you have to vary your anchor text and need to target few most relevant keywords on a page rather single keyword.

    If you have acquired links with the same anchor text, sooner or later your website would experience down ranking for that keyword.

    Links From Same IP Address Websites

    Sometimes, submitting content on a single site, content automatically gets uploaded to all websites in its network without notifying you. These websites are hosted on Same Class C IP address and links from these sites may harm your website, if found in large quantity. You must eliminate these sites from your list and if possible, remove links acquired from these types of websites.

    Links from Irrelevant Websites

    Previously, links from authority and high PR irrelevant websites worked well for acquiring quick ranking. Now you need to take care of the relevancy of each and every website you utilize for link building. Filter the most relevant sites only based on their IP address and Hosting server location, it should match with your targeted location.

    Use of Duplicate content for Link Building

    Before a year or two, it was scenario to implement unique quality content and upload that same content to as much websites as possible for getting backlinks with that content. We were the one doing the same thing for acquiring ranking and it worked as well. Now, uploading same content in various sites wouldn’t make any difference in ranking and would also impact negatively on your ranking.

    Links from Blog and Forum Comment Spamming

    Blog links from comment and forum links from signature worked well if you take care of relevancy of forums and blogs. Ideally, these two platforms should be utilized for creating a social network of people who trust you. Now, it is not advisable to consider these sites for acquiring quality backlinks. You must utilize these platforms for improving social media presence and should share great content which users appreciate without any intention of acquiring links.

    Absence of Social Media Presence

    A good business should have a presence in social media platforms utilized by their potential audience to keep them updated about business news and try to create engagement through different social media channels. Google also considers the signal from different social media channel for prioritizing website. Creating a social media presence doesn’t mean to get a bunch of followers on Twitter or a bunch of likes on your Facebook fan page, but sharing information which people like to share with their friends.

    If you have conducted promotional activities which include any of the factors mentioned above, there can be a chance to get caught by these two updates. It isn’t necessary that above are the only factors which search engine considers to evaluate the quality of the website, it considers a variety of other factors as well which it keeps secret. Above are ideal factors which you should keep in mind while conducting any tasks through SEO.