• SEO For Ecommerce Part 2: Fine Tuning Your Ecommerce Website


    In our first part of Ecommerce series, we have highlighted the points you should follow for implementing basic SEO factors for your Ecommerce store.  In the first part, we have explained all the points which are helpful in developing SEO environment for your eCommerce store at its development stage. If you miss, click Here “Implementing Basic SEO for Ecommerce Site”. With our continuous efforts on providing education for Ecommerce SEO, in below post we have explained the points which make your e-commerce store better and make your visitors feel like heaven when they visit your website.

    Optimize The Speed of Your Ecommerce Store

    Since the time Google announced to consider website speed as one of the factors for SERP visibility, it became very important and necessary. Visitors would appreciate and like to prefer websites which loads quickly. Especially for e-commerce site where you have large no. of product images, category pages loaded with bunch of products, demonstration videos and other things, you must give extra focus on optimizing its speed. You can use free tools like Google Page Speed Module to check all the possibilities and suggestion to improve the speed of your website. Speed also depends on the total no. of current visitors and bandwidth you have purchased. Test your website speed at regular interval of time and implement necessary changes to maintain your speed regardless of no. of visitors on your site.

    Compatibility Testing: Mobile Devices and Browsers

    Technology has brought us on the edge where accessing different things on internet became easier for us. Now people don’t rely on just a single browser or device to access websites. You should check compatibility of your website with prospect to a different web and mobile browsers and implement changes accordingly to provide equal user experience to all visitors regardless of the environment in which they are accessing your website. Analyze your visitors and browsers they use, give priority to web browsers used common by your visitors. If you have a mobile website or responsive design, don’t miss to check its compatibility with the different mobile device of various screen size and resolution.

    Create a Trustworthy Environment

    What makes your eCommerce store different from other websites? The good thing about online marketing, it is cheaper and predicable than other marketing medium. Due to this, there is a huge competition on the internet with full of spammy and fake websites as well. When there is a financial transaction involved with visitor action, you need to implement things which earn your visitors trust. 30 day money back guaranty, business trust certificates, PayPal verification and all other factors which provide trust signal is necessary for you to implement in your web store.

    Implement Different Ways to Listen to Your Customers

    Along with providing a Toll free no for direct communication, what are the other instant ways you provide to hear your customers. When you respond to your customers instantly, you indicate special care for them which make them feel good when they buy products from your website. You should have a well established process to handle customer queries before and after sales. Instant chat, customer feedback form, follow up call, in page surveys and blog are some options you can adapt for indicating the value to your customers.

    Establish Social Channels for Your Business

    Social presence became important for every business and is a direct way to get connected with large audience to increase overall awareness of your business. Establish professional social media channels on different platform and provide a clear and visible link to these profiles from your website. Discover different ways to create social content for your visitors and different ways to keep your engagement live. Learn more about social media presence in our blog “ 10 Phases of Creating Rock Solid Social Media Strategy”.

    Create A Positive Reputation 

    For any ecommerce website, reputation management is very important to retain brand value among customers. If any customer is not satisfied with your services or products, you should solve any issue he or she has been facing with your services before he spreads the negative voice about your brand. Any user, who decided to buy products from your store, will surely search for review of your business. A bad impression can get your customers lost which you might have earned with all your hard efforts after its development and promotion.

    Establishing Online Channels For Product Promotion

    In our previous post, “Six Places Where You Must Promote Your Ecommerce Store” we have explained different platforms which can bring you direct sales. Deals, auction, coupons and listing products on third party merchant sites are some ways to establish your online sales channels for your business. Discover and establish different ways to increase direct sales for your products. Learn more about these methods in our post.