• SEO Prediction for 2013: Key Changes and Future Implication


    Each day, SEO is getting difficult and more complex and Google is continuously making updates in its algorithm ever than expected.  In recent year, Google has released around 23 updates in Google Panda and 3 updates in penguin along with making other updates for enhancing the search quality. Time is very difficult for an SEO service provider to decide and rely on any SEO tactics which ensures the guaranteed result. The SEO tactics which worked so far is losing its charm and new methods are evolving playing important role improving ranking in SERP. By observing the frequency and the speed for improving Search result by Google, we have predicted certain implementation in 2013 describing what new updates would be applied that requires to consider creating new SEO strategy for 2013.

    Strict Rules for Ethical Social Media Optimization Will Get Introduced

    The day Google announced that it will collect signal from social media sites, people started promoting their business on social media sites in hope to deliver a social signal of their business that helps improving organic visibility of a website. We have seen businesses buying Facebook Likes or Twitter follower for the same purpose.

    The real success of social media depends on great product or services which grows automatically without any financial arrangement. As social media is a new thing, there are no strict criteria revealed yet or mentioned for genuine social media efforts. The days are not far when Google will impose strict criteria for qualifying genuine social media optimizationefforts of the business just like evaluating white hat SEO efforts by imposing Panda and Penguin algorithm.

    Time Will be a Key Factor for Evaluating Genuine Efforts  

    Ideally, ethical SEO techniques require considerable amount of time and efforts to get your website on top for highly competitive keywords relevant to your website. As of current state, a person who has a huge budget for search engine optimization can speed up the ranking process by hiring more resources or spending more on backlink acquisition. In 2013,  time will be considered as one of the key factors, one can’t think of acquiring more no. of backlinks in shorter time for quick ranking, even if the backlinks are quality one. Google may tag each link with time and compare the time between two links with an ideal time in which one should create links ethically.

    Quality of The Content Will be Based on Real Users Statistics

    Google is itself a machine which identifies the quality of the content based on some fixed rules and criteria which is easier to pass. No matter how much new changes it imposed for defining quality of the content, it can’t be accurate as reviewed by real humans. So along with evaluating factors like uniqueness, originality, fresh concept, use of synonyms or relevant keywords for evaluating the quality, it is possible that it will use real user statistics or user rating for analyzing the quality of the content. If your content is good, people would share that content with others, they would give good comments, they would spend time which is required identically to read the entire piece, so these are the factors it may consider in evaluating content quality.

    Local SEO Will Gain Higher Demand

    So far, Google gets good success narrowing search result personalize to specific country for the same search query in search result. Websites are given more priority which physical attributes like address, language, business center match with the user’s geographic location and new rules have been imposed for optimizing websites in a different GEO location. This will further narrow down to a specific city and it may possible that we would observe different search result for the same search query in different cities as well. This will raise the importance of local SEO for targeting a local audience and overall audience targeting would also reduced to specific geographic or nearby area where business center is located. New parameters to identify local signal may get introduced in near future.

    Historical Performance from Traffic Sources Will be Considered to Evaluate the Goodness of The Website

    The business which just relies on SEO for generating leads is facing problems maintaining its position and traffic from search engines, as it is one of the factor Panda and Penguin considers for keeping search result refreshed. From our observation, we think that historical information on traffic would help to evaluate good websites as well. If your business is pretty much old, you should have a good percentage of direct traffic or visits driven by your brand search or business name search. The same way if you are concerned about your business, there may be other marketing method you should utilize which grows your direct traffic exponentially due to brand promotion.

    So, historical traffic statistics of direct or referral traffic also helps evaluating good websites. If we dig little deeper, Google may evaluate the quality of traffic from direct and referral visits by observing visitors’ behavior from these two sources for better assumption of quality.

    Updating Content & Improving Usability Will Become Important Than Ever

    After panda and penguin updates, this point is already becoming a key factor for a new strategy that can tackle with panda and penguin for keeping website ranking intact. In the near future, it will be needed to give more focus on developing a great website in the form of content or usability rather than spending all efforts and money on third party websites for link building or business promotion. Google will give priority to the websites in which it finds regular changes in terms of improving usability or implementing good content rather than discovering the website on the different third party website by mean of link building.

    SEO Tools Won’t Be Able to Help Anymore

    The frequency, at which Google makes updates in its algorithm for better search quality, is increasing exponentially and it is almost impossible for any SEO tools to follow and implement these changes in its core programming. In 2013, it would become difficult to predict which methods in SEO or link building works and which don’t. So it would be the end of SEO tools which are being used for discovering quality backlinks or discovering content marketing opportunities. If you follow SEO strategies which rely on these tools, you better prepared for big shift and try to discover manual techniques for acquiring good links or discovering good opportunities for content marketing. Even if you use these tools, manual analysis would be must for evaluating the quality of each source or things suggested by any SEO tools.

    Link Building Will Lose Its Importance

    Ask any SEO service provider what strategy works so far for acquiring a top position? All would agree to vote for link building strategy which helps to get backlink from most relevant and quality websites. The problem with this, everyone can acquire quality back links, from the new launched website to pretty much old websites, sometimes it becomes difficult for search engine to differentiate the natural backlinks and the backlinks acquired by some sort of financial arrangement. It is possible that link building would lose its importance as before and new criteria would be considered for prioritizing websites for SERP as described above, other than quality link building.

    Old SEO Tactics Will Still Work for Certain Industries or Geographic

    Responsibility of Google is to provide the best search result which is most relevant to user’s search query. Certain industries, where internet marketing or SEO is a new thing for business marketing, websites from these industries don’t need to follow strict rules or guideline for its optimization. Business niche where people don’t rely or use the search engine too much,  there will be no strict rules for those industries as compare to other competitive niche and old SEO tactics which is also being considered as black hat or considered to be violating Google’s quality guideline, would work due to low competition or limited websites to display from.

    The same rules may apply for certain demographics where English is rarely spoken and there is little awareness about SEO or online marketing. So it is possible that Google may create personalize rules for these industries or demographics based on its competition and usability of the internet.

    If any of the above explained prediction impacts or relates with your current SEO strategy, you should start making changes and observe whether it brings positive impact for your efforts or not. Some of the points are already in execution and some are yet to develop by search engine. Logically all above prediction somehow related to creating better search result and evaluating the quality of the website, So they may be Implemented and  applied in near future.