• Think and Act Like Matt Cutt to Design SEO Strategy That Last Forever


    At the first moment, you might have thought, if I could be able to think and act like Matt Cutt, Would I be promoting my website through SEO? I would be at some place else, where I can play a bigger role than SEO. But, if you care about your website promotion, and if SEO seems the most convincing method for generating best ROI on your marketing spending, you should think like Matt Cutt, to understand the “WHY” factor rather than “HOW”. You should think why he is making the Web spam detection policy stringent t rather than bothering about how to recover from a penalty imposed on your website due to violating the guidelines, accidentally.

    For those who don’t know Matt Cutt, he is the head of the Google Web spam team. He is responsible for improving the quality of search engine results and detecting tricky methods used by so called smart SEO for gaining quick visibility by unethical SEO techniques in SERP. Thus, all the updates like Google Panda, Penguin or other redefined quality factors of which, marketers and webmasters worry about, he is the brain behind it.

    Over the recent years, Google has imposed various criteria and improved the strict guidelines for optimizing the websites. It has also improved its ability to detect a website which seems to be violating these guidelines for promotion. Subsequently, SEO experts around the world have experienced a big shift in different SEO tactics, and the way it gives priority to different websites in SERP.

    If you are handling SEO department of your firm, and if you have lost your visibility due to this latest update, you are probably worrying about gaining it back or redefining the SEO strategy which synchronizes with these updates and ensures higher visibility. Isn’t it?

    Why Should We Think Like Matt Cutt?

    For a moment, consider that you are Matt Cutt and you are given the responsibility of improving the Google search result, and detecting various promotional methods used by marketers and SEO experts; which is against the defined guidelines. Think about the different SEO tactics and link building promotional methods you have conducted in the past, and evaluate them from the viewpoint of Matt Cutt – Would you allow your website to be on top based on those methods?

    If you really mean it, what we have tried to say, you would probably have ideas on what you have done wrong in the past and what you should do next to recover your visibility. Whenever you build your SEO strategy for any business or conduct any task, ask yourself a question, should I assign values to these tasks if I would be Matt Cutt?

    You will gain a better idea on the exact way you should follow, and the essential requirements you need to promote your business through ethical SEO techniques. SEO strategy designed and built this method may require longer time to achieve results, but would last for longer, as you have filtered out all the tasks which were bad or unethical with point of view to Matt Cutt.

    Whenever you are in doubt or standing at an edge where ideas run dry, consider yourself as the head of the Google Web spam team and think, should I assign priority or a value for specific action or method?