• Video SEO Guide: Best Practice to Optimize Videos for Search Engine


    According to a survey conducted by an online consulting firm, 80% of people prefer to watch videos if the same content is delivered in video and text form. The video contains your expression, speaking style and body language which one can use to create impressive appeal which isn’t possible with simple text. With videos, more information can be delivered in a short time compared to lengthy text and still holds the interest of viewers. Due to this, the demand of video SEO Services has been raised and marketers are giving more priority to video optimization. If you are utilizing the power of videos for your business promotion or branding, here is the complete guide for video optimization for search engine.

    Video Integration best Practice 


    Compress Videos without Losing Quality

    Video Loading speed is one of the most annoying issue marketers face while promoting online. Due to heavy video size, it takes more time to load and users may leave the webpage without taking any further interest in your video. So, the basic objective is to provide best quality of videos which loads quickly. One has to go with a format which can be compressed without affecting the quality of the videos. Here is the detail guide at “Compressing Videos without Losing Quality”.

    Think of Mobile Device

    When you are embedding your videos in Flash, smart phones and tablets from Apple don’t support flash. Day by day, mobile users are growing very quickly and they are shifting to the mobile web for searching information. If you have used the flash player on your website, users without flash support wouldn’t be able to view your videos. Implement alternative option for users without flash support and also optimize and compress your video properly for delivering a better user experience to mobile users. Integrating videos with HTML5 Video tag can be a good alternative option.

    Hosting Videos: Best Practice and Things to Take Care

    Either you can host your videos on your own hosting server or you can host your videos on third party sites like YouTube. If you are running on tight budget, it is better to host videos with free video hosting sites to cut off the hosting cost. In both ways, you can optimize your videos with ideal SEO practices.

    Hosting videos on your own site gives you the benefits of getting visitors to your website instead of third party sites and thus, avail benefits of higher visibility of your videos in organic search result. Uploading on third party sites also gives you benefits of optimizing videos for its search result.

    Pros and Cons of Each

    Hosting on YouTube allows you to get your videos get found on one of the largest video search engine.

    Hosting videos on YouTube gives you the benefits of mobile optimization, YouTube would take care of mobile users.

    The search engines display the YouTube video URL and bring visitors to YouTube channel instead of your website, single dis-advantage for hosting on third party sites.

    So based on your hosting requirement, required cost and video advertising goals, host your videos accordingly.

    Optimizing Videos 


    Create Interesting Title analyzing Search Trends

    Creating title tag of your videos is the first initial step and most important SEO tactics. Based on your video title, people would take interest in viewing your videos and search engine would give priority to video for relevant search queries by users. Creating a Title tag, you have to take care of both these prospects and need to implement video title which catches attention from both, users and search engines. You can use the Google Keyword Tool or YouTube keyword Research Tool to discover the popular phrase people use to search relevant to your videos.

    Implement Microformats for videos

    If you choose to host videos on your own server, don’t miss to implement rich snippets or schema.org microformat for your videos. You can display a small thumbnail image, Video URL, no. of the views or likes and other things as per available schema.org attributes. Videos displayed with rich snippets would enhance its click through rate and catch user attentions quickly.

    Create Video Sitemap

    Just like HTML and XML sitemap, video sitemap helps search engine indexing all videos smoothly. Either hosted on Youtube or on your own server, you can create a video sitemap with both options. Have a look at detail guideline on Video SiteMap Guideline.

    Track Video Event with Google Analytics

    How exciting, if you would be able to know how much users clicks on the play button, among those how much pause or close your videos and average time where they stop viewing your videos. Such insight can help you develop better content and can identify the points that kills user interest from your video.

    The traditional Google analytic script isn’t able to track these things as videos are embedded in flash player. You need to encode flash player with Google analytic event tracking model and need to observe visitors’ behavior or events generated by your visitors on different videos. For more information view Flash Event Tracking Guide

    Promoting your videos


    Share Videos on Social Media Channels

    Social media sites are good sources to get quality views from your network in different social media channels. Don’t miss to share your videos with interesting content on the sites you are active. Sharing video URL on social bookmarking sites would also get your videos good exposure.

    Syndicate Your Videos on Web 2.0 Sites

    Web 2.0 sites and other content marketing platforms like blogger and WordPress allow you to embed your videos. Create short content for your video and distribute it over various web 2.0 sites. You can also link to your main keywords and acquire quality links for your targeted keywords. Certain videos hosting sites also allow you to embed your original video instead of uploading new files, use these platforms for maximum exposure to your videos.

    Build Links to Your Video

    Just like SEO link building in which you utilize different techniques to acquire backlinks, you can follow the same process to acquire backlinks for your video. Acquiring quality and relevant links would help your video getting higher visibility in video search result by Google and other search engine.

    Focus on Getting Quality Views

    As per recently updated YouTube algorithm, it gives priority to the videos with more no. of quality views with higher average watch time rather than total no. of views. So don’t just focus on getting more views, you also need to consider the ratio of total time watched to total no. of views.

    Paid Video Advertising

    At last, there are various video advertising platforms available which provides accurate audience targeting with your videos at affordable rate. You can also choose Google display network to advertise your videos on relevant website placement which matches with your specified keywords for video campaign.