Quality one way link building through Web 2.0 Properties

Web 2.0 sites are a great invention which allow us to make communication directly with real web users by mean of sharing useful content on different web 2.0 sites and the ability to share your content with other users. Web 2.0 sites are an ultimate platform for users to get their content noticed among thousands of users publicly without paying any dime. Search engine considers these websites as an authority source of information for indexing new information in their database. Blogger, Hubpages, Tumblr and Wikipedia are some of the most used web 2.0 sites on the web.

What is web 2.0 link Building ?

Web 2.0 link building is the process of acquiring high quality one way links to your website with use of these web 2.0 sites. An ideal way of acquiring web 2.0 link initiates with developing original and high quality content relevant to your business niche and ends with uploading it to most relevant web 2.0 site and linking to your main website.

For the past few years since after the introduction of blogging and social networking platforms, web 2.0 sites have remained one of the most favorite platforms for users to stay connected with their friends or people with similar interest and sharing information with them. Along with acquiring back links from these sites, search engine also utilizes these sites for collecting social presence of any business which it considers for prioritizing website in SERP.

Benefits of Web 2.0 link building

It is one of the best link building tactics to get one way links

Use of Web 2.0 sites for content sharing gives maximum exposure to your content compared to other content marketing platforms.

Everyone can use these web 2.0 sites, thus it is the perfect source of getting natural links to your website without spamming or violating search engine quality guideline.

You can establish your own network of people by promoting your content with different methods

Search engine assigns good value to links from these web 2.0 sites

It helps to improve visibility of your website quickly.

For long tail keywords, Search engine displays results from these websites .You can use web 2.0 sites as third party promotional tools for your business by sharing SEO optimized content prospect to your targeted keywords.

We have full control on the type of content we want to share and its visual appearance, can integrate your business logo for branding purposes.

Links from web 2.0 sites helps to provide strong social signals for your brand to search engine which also helps improving overall visibility of your website in SERP indirectly.

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Some of the Popular web 2.0 sites on the web

  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
  • Twitter
  • Hubpages
  • Youtube
  • Slideshare
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly
  • Yola
  • Web
  • Edublogs.org
  • Posterous.com
  • Livejournal.com
  • Jimdo.com
  • Blog.com
  • Blinkweb